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Generally, the hardest types of coal, bituminous and anthracite, are used in the burning of coal. These forms of coal are fairly prevalent. They are mined by strip mining or digging down into coal veins with the raw material then being transported to the surface for refinement. Coal is not clean burning, very efficient or environmentally friendly. The material is also very hazardous to the miners given the dangerous work environment and the coal dust that imbeds in their lungs.

Oil is the most widely used of the types of fossil fuels. Oil (petroleum) is found in natural reservoirs underneath the Earth's surface. Pumps and piping are drilled down underground to reach these stores of oil, and then it is pumped up to the surface. Crude oil is then refined for use as heating oil, gasoline and many other combustible fuels. Oil's portability and easy to burn properties make it an excellent source of energy. The burning of oil has a number of drawbacks. It produces significant air pollutants and carbon dioxide, which is a greenhouse gas. Furthermore, oil reserves are not spread equally over the planet, giving rise to political and military tensions associated with the control of the resource. 


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